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"Highly recommend this resort. Not a party crowd here, so was relatively quiet. Always a place to find on the beach or at pool. No need to do a snorkel tour- best snorkelling around right at the resort. Lots of good choices for food. Staff was very friendly and helpful. Good to practice your Spanish with. Easy access to town, fixed cab rates were handy. Rooms were older, but clean, comfy. Would go back in a heartbeat." - Jim, Mar28, 2019


"From the start of the Vacation to our completion 10 days later Las Brisas and their Team were amazing. The resort is self contained having everything our Family needed. No need for added costs. Friendly service, wide selection of varied, food menus daily, themed dinners nightly in the buffer as well as multiple onsite dining areas. different nightly entertainment shows, a vast variety of daily activities and the views are incredible. Three safe beaches, an activity beach, more of a swimming beach and a snorkeling beach with tons of fish (no need to go to another tour), all with well maintained chairs with sun and shaded areas. Friendly drink service from your chair. Multiple bars everywhere within 1-3 minutes. Another entirely different set of beaches and resorts as well as a little shopping, restaurant area is a slow paced 30 minute walk. The never too busy, onsite gym is huge with a wide variety of equipment. Cleanliness at this resort is above and beyond belief. We can't even describe how much the staff clean this place. The rooms are cleaned (no bugs) and fridge stocked daily. The region has no real annoying bugs to speak of. The odd fly and didn't see a mosquito although we heard of 2 people that did. Lots of flora and animal critters like colorful birds, Iguanas and squirrels. Although the resort is built into the hills giving every room a stunning view, it does create some walking. Good for those who love walking for 10 minutes back to their room or there are constant shuttles. Maybe a 2-5 minute wait? Multiple concierge areas for answers, setting up reasonably priced tours or just catching one of the many cabs onsite. Less than 3 bucks to either of the local towns, Santa Cruz or La Crucecita.. A bit more to go to other towns or the 36 beaches and 9 bays offered in the region.. Large US type grocery store on the way with lots to see when you get to the towns. We walked around both towns into the night with no safety concerns. The weather was very hot for 3 of us and one that thrived on it (part iguana I think, with less wrinkles), one evening of a rain sprinkle that lasted an hour that just happened while we were inside an airy restaurant eating. When we came out, 90 minutes later it had dried up. First rain of the year late March. Apparently unusual as it doesn't usually come until late April and even then it's supposed to have 330 days of sunshine per year. We talked with 3 Families that bought local, non-resort property on their trip. Great!" - Annabelle, March 2019


"Nice property, lots of walking which we liked. Beaches and activities were very good. Food was ok. Some what limited with food allergies. Some language barrier with kitchen staff but they tried. When buffet was full service was maxed out and thing like water and drinks were missed. Rooms were nice and clean. Air conditioner was a little weak but not too bad. We would stay here again!" - Joyce, February 2019


"First let me say....excellent location, beaches are immaculate, you wont see a cigarette butt or plastic bag on the beach or floating in the water on any of the coast lines. Compared to many other places in the world today, it was very encouraging to see how committed the staff and locals are to keeping a pristine environment.
There is a coral reef 50 feet from shore at the main beach. I saw more fish on that reef than I have seen on many paid snorkelling tours in Vallarta and Cancun. The water clarity is amazing for a beach on the west coast!
The hotel is clean and well maintained however, somewhat understated decor compared to some of the other 4-5 star resorts we have been to. The Food was better than most places however, not outstanding. We booked a deluxe superior room with a view of the bay. It wasn't the Taj Mahal but the superior rooms come with a ground level deck that we spent many hours sipping cerveza and admiring the view from. All of the floors above us had a nice view but no deck.
If your looking for a party spot, it's a little on the slow side. A couple of really good shows but no dance club. The place is pretty much shut down by midnight. We took two 18 year old girls with us and found that we had to venture into town for them to find some excitement. super easy to get into Town, $3 cab ride and your there. there are a couple of really funky restaurant /bars...Alfredo's and La Crema ( awesome pizza!) that have live music that's not completely Spanish. ( they play a lot of that at the resort!) There is a full-on Cancun style dance club, La Papaya that the girls danced till 4am at.
only 2 real complaints on an otherwise excellent resort: 1. all the evening activities occur around the main building ( shows, dancing, pool tables) the building is almost completely made out of concrete and after a long day under the mexican sun, it would be nice to cool down. However, the building seems to hold the heat and even though there is plenty of open air, there is very little breeze, they have plenty of fans going (on low) and it's pretty damn humid. I enjoyed the shows but was sweating
like a prostitute in church watching them.
2. If your looking for an authentic mexican experience, this is the place! All of the music in the resort is Spanish traditional, I would have killed to hear at least one Bob Marley/Eagles/Jimmy Buffet tune. I The live band at La Crema had an amazing blues band... thought that Stevie Ray Vaughn rose from the grave!" - Annie, January 2019

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