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Whether it's a specific skill or strategy you desire we can cater our lessons to suit your needs.

Private, semi-private and group lessons with Mona, Richard or Catalin. Tailored to the specific areas that you need help with to improve your game.


Intensive group sessions where strategies and skill executions are taught to quickly achieve success. 


A truly memorable week of Pickleball!

Imagine your all inclusive holiday in a 4 star resort which also includes multi-level clinics and playing the sport you enjoy.

Previous excursion sold out fast.

The MORICA’s destination camps will include intense instruction to elevate your game, in addition to tips on how to prevent injuries and enhance your overall fitness level. The 5 day Destination Camp will include 10 hours of instruction, observed Round Robin format games and mini Tournament. 

8:1 Participant to Instructor ratio.

Our 10 hours of intense instructions cover topics including dinking and dinking strategy, 3rd shot drop and 3rd shot drive, transition from the baseline to the kitchen, volleys, how to beat a banger and how to be a better banger, court positioning and movement, lobs, lob retrieval and overheads.

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