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Pickleball CLINICS

max 6:1 Participant to Instructor ratio. Revolving on a 4 lessons program, each lesson focuses on a different area of the game. 
You can sign up for individual or multiple sessions based on your availability to attend. Once a full rotation of 4 sessions have been completed it reverts back to class 1.

Our training program will be jam packed into hours of intense instruction, and covers many topics including:

- dinking and dinking strategy,

- 3rd shot drop and 3rd shot drive,

- transition from the baseline to the kitchen,

- volleys,

- court positioning and movement,

- lobs, lob retrieval and overheads.

Full curriculum posted below.


Individual session (1 hour)
- $30/student (class of 4-6 students);
- $40/student (class less than 4 students)

Full package 4 sessions (4 hours)
- $100/student (class of 4-6 students);

$120/student (class less than 4 students)

If you have more questions regarding the Clinics, please email me

Lesson 1 - 

All - you - can - DINK

Kitchen play progressions with competitive drills
a. dink technique and grips
b. straight ahead vs. cross-court
c. spins and short hops
d. dink placement
e. paddle awareness and feel

Lesson 2 - 

3rd shot

a. 3rd shot options
b. hard vs soft
c. 3rd shot technique
d. 3rd shot placement
e. working your way up
f. transition zone
g. 4th shot intro

Lesson 3 & 4 -

Play time - Strategies

a. how the game develops
b. playing as a team
c. how to build a point
d. mental toughness

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